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Mirror Mirror…Who’s the Fairest After All?


mirror mirror on the wall


Remember when you were a teen and you looked in the mirror…you only recognized your flaws? The feeling the first time you were naked in front of friends or your first naked experience with the opposite sex. Oh, that vulnerability. Now at 50, I think back and I can chuckle at myself. Oh the flawless skin I was in back then. And, everything was right where it was supposed to be with gravity on my side! If you are male, you may have a belly now and thinning hair or maybe none. If you are female, well, you get the point.

So what’s the other side of the hill look like so far? Forgiving. This wiser, mid-life woman has chosen to be forgiving of her shortcomings and embrace life because it’s too freaking short! Am I achieving self-acceptance? Working on it. I’m looking in the mirror choosing to have some softer dialogue with myself. I am learning to be more gentle with my thoughts and realizing what this body has done. It’s truly a fascinating piece of equipment. My body held up through years of jazz and modern dance, not to mention my freak dancing in the privacy of my house! The machine has gone through three grueling pregnancies and births, has lugged hundreds of pounds of food in bags, walking hundreds of miles through life and a bunch of running chasing time on a chip! So, mirror mirror on the wall, am I a mid-life princess after all?

Look in the mirror today. Consider accepting that deeper sense of authenticity that is the “now” you. The imperfections you have are part of you. The crooked tooth that peaks out between your lips. The lines that form when you squint at someone like they are nuts (and stays there now!). The way your eyes have crows feet showing how many times you’ve smiled through your life.They are you being you. By now we’ve “earned” and I mean “earned” the beauty of wisdom to be ourselves. There’s a crazy sexiness in confident men and women. Surrender to your “now” authenticity. There’s only one you and you are such a work of art! Take a moment in that looking-glass today and remind yourself to say, “Mirror mirror on the wall, I’m pretty awesome and…I’m still having a great time at the ball!”

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