Welcome to 52 to 50…My Journey from 49 years old to turning 50!

Hey! Welcome and thanks for stopping by to visit my blog.I’m Randi Aileen Press.The name of my blog is 52 to 50 which popped into my thoughts as I have been counting the weeks down until my friend turns 50. It occurred to me that it would be a good way for me to be truly present this year….counting down the weeks until I actually turn a half century! And it is also a way to connect with others for some good laughs along the way! So, I’m hoping you have about three minutes to spend. Maybe you will chuckle or at times…laugh out loud because you totally get what I’m saying or you’ve experienced something similar and may even want to share it with me! I love comparing experiences so don’t be shy!

So why this blog you ask?

Most people freak out when they think about turning 50. I actually think it’s really an amazing time. I guess the word that comes to mind for me is “disbelief!” I find myself completely filled with an overwhelming surprise or shock that in 56 weeks from now…I will turn 50.  I still run around and act like a dewfess…a crazy chick, wear a ponytail and a GATOR hat, sing at the top of my lungs like I’m in concert in my truck and can still get up for work the next day after I get home from a concert at midnight (it’s not pretty but I can do it!) How could this be? Am I really turning 50 soon? I still giggle like a school girl, feel completely young in my skin (except an occasional ache and pain) and can out run my kids ages 20 and 12 when they have any distance to run. OK ..on the sprint they take me..I’m 5’2″ on a good day (in the 80′s my hair made me 5’4″). I’m still so excited when I wake up each day. Why? I get another chance when my feet hit the floor to set the world…my world…on fire. Not sure what that will look like for the day but I know that I am going to use a bit of my sparkle to light something up and make something happen. I have a thirst for learning and I will ask a ton of questions to learn more…always. And…I just really dig life! I want to experience everything I can, leaving nothing to chance and wear my lines and scars as a badge of the life I’ve chosen to live. Don’t misunderstand…I still fear sharks and won’t dive or skydive but short of that…I’m in. Level 4+ white water rafting, skiing, hiking, running around the swamps with wildlife…whatever….I’m in…and in a big way!  So that’s a little bit about me to start…

I don’t know how you feel about mantras but I have a few that keep me in check. My original “I strive to be a better version of myself everyday,” and “Keep my gratitude high and my expectations low.” I’m footnoting my best bud George on that. Those two mantras are always top of mind for me when my feet hit my flip flops next to my bed in the morning. Yes…I started stepping into those last year when I began calling myself the “tin girl.” You might know what I mean. You know…when you first get out of bed and most parts of your body could use some oil as they get moving! Of course I am still maintaining that I feel young all the way here!

I also write things down that I want to remember because…”Even the weakest ink is stronger than the strongest memory.” I learned that from a bus driver in Seattle when I was traveling for my job at Hazelden and I keep it with me. The other that bus driver shared that I committed to memory was…”If what you do is who you are, when you don’t, you ain’t.” I always liked that because what you do for work should never define you…what happens when you aren’t doing that any longer? Do you shrivel up and turn to dust? Do you say…”I use to be…?”  I just want the person I am to be constantly evolving…I always tell my buds…”I’m a work in progress.” Just means…you never know what I will be tomorrow…constantly evolving I hope! Or just more dewfess behavior.

So with that…I’ll be starting my journey soon from 49 to 50 years old and I hope you will travel along with me. I’m totally open to your thoughts, ideas and of course…any funny things you have on your own journey that you would be willing to share! It’s no fun if you keep those to yourself!

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