You Sexy Thing You…


Hey! Welcome to 52 weeks until I’m 50 years old! Actually it’s now 12 weeks until I’m 50! If you are new to my blog, to the right are other subjects I’ve written about. Some may resonate with you or at least give you a chuckle. If you are counting down with me…we are almost there! Crazy!!!

Do do do…I believe in miracles! Where you from, you sexy thing?
I believe in miracles! Since you came along, you sexy thing. Remember this Hot Chocolate song from the 70′s? I woke up to this in my head today. Frightening right? 

Yesterday was one of those days where I had to be in four places that overlapped. This happened two weeks in a row. It’s that time. Event season, holidays and friends turning 50 with parties. So why is Hot Chocolate singing “You Sexy Thing?” in my head?

I tasted 22 plates of food from every area of the food chain as one of John Offerdahl’s GridIron Grill-Off judges yesterday. Not very sexy. Finished, changed and on to a close friends 50th surprise party. There we are, all of us, dressed up easing in to our 50′s! LOL. Guy friends with their button down shirts freely hanging outside their jeans. The girls in their latest skinny jeans and jackets. A few of us in mini skirts and boots. Do do do…”You Sexy Thing, You…”

Face it Dining Duchess, you are only getting liquid refreshments down tonight after eating like a man at your previous event! Two vodkas on the rocks later after conversing with many on business, travel and family, it occurred to me that sexy is so misunderstood. I find it sexy when a man is open about himself. And, when he shares with me. Meaning, he fills me in on what he’s thinking and how he’s relating to the world. Still with me “You Sexy Thing…You? Women and sexy is easier…stating the obvious here but even more sexy when women are being real. Owning our flaws and embracing them. Hell! I ate 22 plates of food made by Dolphin men and wanted to feel sexy. “I believe in miracles…You Sexy Thing You…” In this case, sometimes feeling sexy is just a little more challenging!

Two hours in, everyone’s loosening up and the music erupts for some groovin 70′s dance opps. There we are 7 girls on the floor shakin our things. A friend turns to me and says…”Which one’s my husband? I can’t see over there. It’s a sea of balding men!” We both laughed at the way her question filled the air. She picked up her phone and showed me pictures when he had hair. We giggled and went back to dancing. Within a moment, there he was moving toward us, groovin out of the sea of gradually aging friends. Huge grin, sparkling eyes and a loving life attitude. Yup…Bald is so sexy sometimes.

I’ve seen sexy come in all kinds of packages. Hair, no hair, lean, overweight, short, tall…whatever the build, male and female. The constant that resonates with me is eye contact, openness and talking to me like I’m really there. Not looking through me to the next person you are going to talk with.Take a minute to make me feel like I’m valued, that I count. Tell me something personal about yourself. Be willing to let me share something with you. After two vodkas, I can be very silly! Can silly be sexy? Not sure about that, guess you’ll need to tell me.

I never really thought about being 50 and sexy. For some reason I guess I believed it didn’t exist. But, I’m so wrong. It does. I’m seeing it. It’s all around and It’s not just visual. Sexy can be the way you feel when you hear a special song while you’re sitting in your car. Sexy can be the written word when someone shares their thoughts with you in a text. Sexy is being open. Sexy is being willing to let others in to know you. Sexy is an aura around you when you allow yourself to be the real you. Tell me…are you drinking the Hot Chocolate kool-aide? Are you being real “You Sexy Thing, You!”

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