Sweat Equity and Group Love…Want Some?






Hey! Welcome to 52 weeks until I’m 50 years old! Actually it’s now 3 weeks until I’m 50! If you are new to my blog, to the right are other subjects I’ve written about. Some may resonate with you or at least give you a chuckle. If you are counting down with me…I started last January 2013 and have counted down 49 weeks!!! I can’t believe it’s almost here! Crazy!!!

Hugs, sweat & cheers! Yeh, that’s what I’m blogging about this week with only three weeks left until I turn 50! I’m looking to “rise with the tribe.” Most of you are thinking, what is this chick talking about? I’m talking about the November Project based in Boston. People serious about working out and about loving their fellow perspiree. It’s a new social movement and I want in!

I loved learning about this project. The founders aren’t only hard-core about fitness but about community. Read the article. http://www.runnersworld.com/runners-stories/hugs-sweat-cheers.

Turning 50 doesn’t mean I’m scared of my limits. It has me thinking about what I’m willing to still take on. Yup. Bring it. I’m into seeing what’s left in my tank. Not for a medal to prove to the outside world I’m still strong and athletic, but to little old me. I’m interested in sweat equity on a weekly basis. Some may describe these different groups as cult-like but there’s nothing better than having like-minded people help me “strive to be a better version of myself.” I want more love. Love in my friendships and more joy in my life. When people ask me what I want, that’s the “more” I’m talking about. Not more stuff. I want more doing the things I love. And I want more of that with the people I dig! Don’t you? I’m almost 50! Time is fleeting!

2014 is going to be the year of my “Happiness Project.” I read a book recently called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Inspiring book. Love the way she structured it. For example, she mentions to “spend money to make exercising more pleasant.” Lululemon or Athleta to the rescue! Love this gear! And, “give yourself credit for the smallest effort.” I believe in that mantra wholeheartedly. It takes a lot of effort sometimes to show up and be consistent for some folks. It’s OK to celebrate the small gains! They are part of the big gains!

So what about this November Project? I’m so in if it were only in South Florida. I read the pledge to see if I could start one in Boca Raton. I actually can commit to all but one bullet. Hmmmm. One bullet. Randi….really? Is this one bullet under attendance commitment really enough to hold you back? At three weeks from turning 50, I find myself thinking I may still have a “hell yeh” left in me. Ever find yourself sitting on the edge of a “hell yeh” moment? It’s not pretty for me. This moment is torture. Knowing that the one bullet that will hold me back is the bullet on attendance because of my love to travel. This limitation isn’t a physical choice, it’s knowing that I’m committed to my goal of seeing more of the world in person. So, now I’ve owned it. I have to give up a future “hell yeh” moment in belief that someone with a strong commitment to “sweat equity and group love” will bring it to South Florida! And, when they do, I will be the first one lining up to commit to being part of the tribe! Are you in it with me? Want some sweat equity and group love? Check it out. November Project. Two amazing guys. And, one crazy old chick in South Florida totally in awe of how they motivated me to want more hugs and cheers! http://november-project.com/

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