This Princess Is F-ing 50!

Hey! Welcome to 52 weeks until I’m 50 years old! It’s finally here! Friday, January 31st, I’m officially the big 5-0! I have absolutely had a blast writing my way from 49 to 50 over the past 52 weeks. Thank you for sharing the way with me. Let’s get to it! So, what’s 50 look like for me?

50 glasses fing 50 reaper





The pressure for an extreme celebration has been huge! My response is consistent when asked about a big blow out…Hello! This chick has been celebrating turning 50 for the last 51 weeks counting herself down…focusing on life, making scrapbook memories with all kinds of folks and just freaking enjoying life! That’s a party within itself!

I want to share this thought with you. I have always felt that my birthday belonged to my mother. That mindset came to me once I had my own children. Mom often shares how I continue to enrich her life. Every year, there’s a multitude of ways she shows me how important I am to her. She’s an amazing woman filled with integrity, kindness, grace, love and is consistently selfless. She has played so many critical roles in my life; cheerleader, guidance counselor, nurse, babysitter, shrink and most of all, friend. Thank you Mom for never judging me and allowing me to share myself openly. You’ve shown me that wherever I go, I can leave a little sparkle and for that, I am forever grateful! I dedicate today’s blog to you, my Marathon Mom! So, what’s this girl planning to get her birthday started? I’m laughing while typing this! Here’s the plan.

1.Tonight, Karaoke Kick-Off with friends who will embarrass themselves and me! It’s priceless and never fails to completely meet my expectations! Sparklee tiara on head, birthday princess sash on, attitude of a wacko 50-year-old in check! Yup. Bring it on!

2.Go to sleep tonight the 30th and pray as always, “Thank You God for my life, my family and their healthy lives, my friends and their healthy lives, for all the beauty in this world and for the opportunity to be a part of it. Thank you for my continued health and for all the joy that I find in everyday. Thank you for allowing me to love deeply, give freely and leave a little sparkle wherever I go. I am so grateful. Amen. Sometimes I change it up but that’s the main message.

3. Hopefully wake up tomorrow am. That’s the most important part! Waking up! Open my sleepy eyes covered in face oil, swing my legs around, put my flip-flops on and, rise! Yeh. Not a pretty picture! Yup. I’m old and I’m the tin girl in the am. I need a few moments to get oiled up! XXBold Starbucks Sumatra Coffee IV (mud) pumping through my veins and a glance out my kitchen window to see the sun come up. This is the moment I set my “intention” for the day. That practice comes from my commitment to Ashtanga (Vinyasa-Power) Yoga. You want to become strong? This style will quickly have you realizing you are not as powerful or as fit as you once believed!

4. Enjoy the singing birthday calls I receive from my awesome friends and family, texts, emails, posts and wishes. Rest of day…allow myself moments to reflect during a long run. I like the idea of a free-flowing day. Dinner at my favorite restaurant because I am a big foodie! And, a big ass piece of death by chocolate! Yeh. This is the one day even the doctor tells you it’s OK to eat cake! Crap! I’m already referring to the doctor!

Ever thought to yourself, if I could only have a do-over? I know there are none. So I’m not leaving any room for chance. I’m reminding myself today, tomorrow and going forward, there is still time for a bunch of ”hell-yeh” moments and “reinvention” for all of us! We are like onions. I’m peeling back the outer covering I’ve built over time that occasionally keeps me from being vulnerable. Don’t you want to turn up the volume just a bit? Not fade away? I’m not ready to start talking about what’s creaking, stiff or what meds I’m on! Or, eating my dinner at 5 pm after walking the mall for exercise! I’m suggesting being just a little more bold. I like bold. Take another road, a different one. Reconnect with yourself and if you lost your smile, give yourself permission to go find it. I love the movie City Slickers with Billy Crystal. His wife in the movie tells him to go find his smile. There’s a whole dialogue with Mitch about looking back on life and how he kind of “paused.” I chat with friends and share that I don’t want to ever feel as though I’m just “passing through.” At 50, I dig the idea of reinvention.

Reinvent Yourself and consider making a “must have” list. What would mine look like? Maybe these:      - I must have more time for peace in my life     - I must have abandonment of anything that keeps holding me back from being a “better version of myself.”      - I must have more control and tolerance when I see something I find absurd.     – I must have a way to use another word other than the f-bomb!     – I must have time to read books that I have had on my list like Qaddafi’s Point Guard.     – I must have faith in my skiing ability to approach a black diamond. On a lighter note,  - I must have a willingness to run up close to the stage to get closer to my favorite musicians even though I’m short and may not see a thing!    - I must have unlimited storage from iTunes for all my music.   – I must have some idea or find one for what I want to drive in the next year when my truck hits 200,000 miles!

Leave sparkle wherever you go. Sing loud with the windows open. Pretend once in a while. Act out your fantasy as long as you won’t be arrested or hurt another? Laugh a lot and never let yourself forget what it feels like to reach for something. It’s still about the “hell-yeh” moments!

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