Over The Hill? 50?

Welcome to 52 weeks until I’m 50 years old! What a fun year it has been counting down the 52 weeks until I will turn 50! I am down to 1 week left of 49! I’m grateful for all my readers/followers! Thank you for hanging in for the ride with me! So here are my thoughts with 1 to count down!


Is there really a hill at 50? Hill? What hill? I didn’t see any hill. Did you see any hill? Why am I picking up such speed? LOL! If you are over 50, what’s it look like on that side? Is is the stone age? Kidney, bladder and gall stones? Are you only as old as you feel? In which case definitely feel someone young! I hear that forty is the old age of youth and fifty is the youth of old age. Ouch! Looking fifty is great–if you’re sixty said once by Joan Rivers. I’ve never really thought much about being gifted like when you were tested in school, but recently I heard someone say they were “chronologically gifted” and that made me chuckle!

Heading toward 50, I’ve been on a 15 day diet, and yes, I’ve lost 15 days! I’m eating what I choose these days and I’m acutely aware that I will eat right and exercise consistently and die anyway! That’s inevitable. But I’m sure going to work hard at having a blast all the way there! Skid and slam into my next life if there is one! And, as I head next week to 50, I need to continue pleasing me because finally, I can put myself first! I believe this in my own head but it’s probably not true! Like I say to my friends occasionally in jest…I can please only one person a day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn’t looking too good either! Ha!

Last year a friend of mine turned 50 and I sent these words as the card: If there is a hill, you’ve planned the mileage and have weathered the distance. If there is a hill, you’ve hiked it and arrived a better version of yourself. If you are now considered over the hill, then what’s on the other side should be magnificent for you to explore, And, if you are over the hill, won’t you please keep the other side bright and manicured with my favorite flower, the tulip, because I will be hiking over in a matter of weeks….So, with a week until 50, I’m thinking there are cool things to experience on that side. Man, I really hope it’s manicured over there because what if the hokey pokey is really all it’s about!!! 

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