52TO50…Is It Hot Or Is It Just Me?

Hey! Welcome to 52 weeks until I’m 50 years old! If you are a newbie ..scroll down to my original post and you will understand why I started this blog…If you are back for more….Yay! And thank you!

Remember the wicked witch of the west in “The Wizard of Oz?” She screams…”I’m melting, I’m melting!” That’s me! I’m melting…all the time. It’s the aging thing right? I’m wondering if the good witch…that sexy blonde…you know… Glinda has hot flashes and night sweats!

Over the last several years I’ve noticed every picture I’m in, my skin is shining… dewy.. as if I have copied Albert Brooks in “Broadcast News!” If you haven’t seen that movie, there’s a scene when Albert finally is offered his dream of reporting the news from the news desk. Holly Hunter, the producer, is his best friend and suits him up to replace William Hurt that evening at the desk. He’s totally psyched! As he begins to report, he starts to sweat. I mean…profusely! Like it’s raining from his hair on his head down into his eyes..It’s the funniest thing and at the same time, somewhat disturbing as I realize…that’s what’s going on with me! Whether you are going through or in “Man-o-pause or “Men-o-pause,” the stuff that happens as we age makes me look for the humor in it.

I seem to be asking this question often over the last three years! Is it hot or is it just me? I’m frying and mostly from the inside out. If you get me…you’re laughing or shaking your head. If you live with someone who has been “hot”,  you have the covers up to your head and may only have your nose outside for fear of suffocation during the night!

So what should/could one do about being “hot” all the time? What possible remedies and quick fixes are there? What’s a chick or dude to do when they realize their “hotness” has become an internal issue rather than an external one? I need additional recommendations so feel free to share if you think of a few!

1. Buy a really cool fan from this place to “pretend” it’s not a fan and blow yourself! I have the awesome butterfly one! http://www.decobreeze.com/trendy-home-decor/animal-home-decor

2. Keep wipes in your car because they will become your best friend…Get real…Unless your friends have the “blatant honesty” rule, they will not share that you stink!

3. Don’t invest in waterproof anything! LOL! There is no such thing as sweat proof make-up…that’s just an oxymoron! I can totally prove it!

4. Just deal and laugh…Let’s face it…”I’m melting” now takes on new meaning…truly!

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