52TO50…”I Laughed So Hard I…”

Hey! Welcome to 52 weeks until I’m 50 years old! Actually it’s now 51 weeks! If you are a newbie…scroll down to my original post and you will understand why I began this blog…If you are back for more…Yay! And Thank you!
This week’s blog is named “I Laughed So Hard I…” because it’s true! Do you ever laugh really hard with friends or alone? I laugh a lot. I tend to be my best audience. And I laugh hard. You know…when something is so ridiculous that you start to giggle and then it becomes larger…much larger. There’s a point when the laugh has no sound coming out. Your hands are smacking your thighs. Your body is moving back and forth in your chair.Tears are starting to fill your eyes and you are trying to make some sound but there’s nothing yet filling the air! And then it comes out! A snorting obnoxious sound that once it’s in the air, starts to make you laugh even harder! Now you are coughing and snorting! And voila! The whole thing begins over again! And of course, all the while we are crossing our legs, bending over, shifting in our seats, praying (I know you’ve been there)! Hoping we don’t wet our pants during all this laughter!
Yes, 51 to 50 is losing control of many things but my bladder…really? This early? I remember learning about the bladder in anatomy class at Florida. When empty, the bladder is about the size and shape of a pear. Yeh, no wonder! I can fill that fruit-sized baby quick. I’m not sure when I started losing control of my bladder. It’s another one of those things you start to realize you have no control of! But, I have given some serious thought on how I could deal with this. I considered the concept of coming up with a Depends Thong. Could help we early leakers because there’s no way I’m putting on a regular pair any time soon! I imagine the Depends Thong wouldn’t be sold at any Vickie’s Secret store.I would have to create my own store called Randi’s Drawers!
I’ve come to learn that this lack of bladder control is absurdly normal. Yup. Both sexes are doomed to need disposables at some point. So, consider purchasing stock in those companies. Might be a good long ride. People are living and laughing a lot longer!
Oh…and by the way, if you want to try to stop wetting your pants…which I am sure won’t work for me as I don’t plan on following any of the bullets. I live on the edge! Here are some things that may help you:
  • Don’t cough or laugh (I made this up because I needed a laugh!)
  • Go to the bathroom regularly. Consider urinating on a regular schedule, such as every hour. Slowly, extend the amount of time between your bathroom trips.(Are they for real? Like we have the time for this!)
  • Maintain a healthy weight. (I get this but I’m a food writer…I like to eat!)
  • Don’t smoke.  (Not preaching here…do whatever you want…We need a few vices at almost 50!)
  • Do Kegel exercises. (OK…I may try this one…if I can remember …and I hope I don’t get caught!)

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