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52TO50…Is It Hot Or Is It Just Me?

Hey! Welcome to 52 weeks until I’m 50 years old! If you are a newbie ..scroll down to my original post and you will understand why I started this blog…If you are back for more….Yay! And thank you!

Remember the wicked witch of the west in “The Wizard of Oz?” She screams…”I’m melting, I’m melting!” That’s me! I’m melting…all the time. It’s the aging thing right? I’m wondering if the good witch…that sexy blonde…you know… Glinda has hot flashes and night sweats!

Over the last several years I’ve noticed every picture I’m in, my skin is shining… dewy.. as if I have copied Albert Brooks in “Broadcast News!” If you haven’t seen that movie, there’s a scene when Albert finally is offered his dream of reporting the news from the news desk. Holly Hunter, the producer, is his best friend and suits him up to replace William Hurt that evening at the desk. He’s totally psyched! As he begins to report, he starts to sweat. I mean…profusely! Like it’s raining from his hair on his head down into his eyes..It’s the funniest thing and at the same time, somewhat disturbing as I realize…that’s what’s going on with me! Whether you are going through or in “Man-o-pause or “Men-o-pause,” the stuff that happens as we age makes me look for the humor in it.

I seem to be asking this question often over the last three years! Is it hot or is it just me? I’m frying and mostly from the inside out. If you get me…you’re laughing or shaking your head. If you live with someone who has been “hot”,  you have the covers up to your head and may only have your nose outside for fear of suffocation during the night!

So what should/could one do about being “hot” all the time? What possible remedies and quick fixes are there? What’s a chick or dude to do when they realize their “hotness” has become an internal issue rather than an external one? I need additional recommendations so feel free to share if you think of a few!

1. Buy a really cool fan from this place to “pretend” it’s not a fan and blow yourself! I have the awesome butterfly one!

2. Keep wipes in your car because they will become your best friend…Get real…Unless your friends have the “blatant honesty” rule, they will not share that you stink!

3. Don’t invest in waterproof anything! LOL! There is no such thing as sweat proof make-up…that’s just an oxymoron! I can totally prove it!

4. Just deal and laugh…Let’s face it…”I’m melting” now takes on new meaning…truly!

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52 To 50…Eating Like A Beast!

Hey! I am so glad you stopped by! If you are a first-timer to my blog…you may want to scroll down and read my introduction to why I started writing. It will take you three minutes tops! And…for those of you who have been here before and have decided to join me for the 52 weeks to 50 ride…here we go!

I’m an Aquarius which is defined by the Urban Dictionary as, “A good person who doesn’t judge, someone who can make you feel special in the world, they know how to have fun and they aren’t arrogant.” I use this definition because I believe it to be more accurate than a few others. I would like to think that I am open to anything…even Astrology which can get really out there…but for today…It just explains that I’m an air sign and totally dig being outside…which brings me to my love of running.

I’ve been running most of my life just because I love being outside and dig nature. Mostly from October until April, I love it the most, but I’ve decided that running through the summer months makes me an honorary crazy chick for being able to breathe through the humidity of where I live! I’m so humble, aren’t I? When I run, I fix my world. Don’t get me wrong…the first mile feels like I am the “tin girl” and I need some serious oil to get my groove going but just like that…mile two, I start to find my pace, my breath and a rhythm that seems to make everything better. I become part human again after a really good sweat! The other part, is a superhero most days…Wonder Woman and Oh Mighty Isis are my go to girls! While I was pretending I was saving the world…something popped in my mind. It’s been almost ten years but I remember wanting to do something big before I turned 40 (oh so long ago…). Something “just because I could.” I’m taking you back a bit but during that thought process, I believe I set my path for my 40′s. Out of all that pondering, I decided to run my first marathon at Disney. What could be more fun than 26.2 grueling miles around and through all that “magic!” Before doing so, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to kill myself in the process so I booked time with my doctor.

I don’t know if you do this but every January, since it’s my birthday month, I inundate myself with annual doctor appointments! A few years ago, my internist and I chatted about how I could lose some poundage and become healthier since I wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be. Doc goes on sharing that I should do the “Garden of Eden” diet. I’m a foodie and that sounded very sexy initially. Initially…key word. Go on doc…lay it on me. This Garden of Eden diet is comprised of food in the form of “walking the earth, growing on trees or from the ground and swimming the seas.” Nothing in a box, can or packaged. And no cake or cookies except on your birthday. Who could or even would want to exist like this? Certainly not me! That seemed totally outrageous to even consider. Mainly because eating things that “walk the earth” meant four-legged animals…and I only eat two-legged. Chuckle. You know…turkey, chicken and things that swim the seas? Nope. “I know Eve tempted Adam with an apple…but I’m not going for that…” No way this “lifestyle change” was for me!

I found my own path to eating better and being fit. And it wasn’t that year either! I am not the kind of girl who will give up indulging. I am a foodie. I am also an eater. Do you remember going on dates with someone who…if you were the guy paying…you’d pray she wouldn’t order much…and if you were the girl on the date ….you ate before you went out and chowed down like a crazy chick when you got home! Those days have been long over for me. I eat all the time. Every two hours and I am a beast. You need to be careful when dining with me. I will attempt to try your food and will most likely finish something that still looks yummy on your plate…all with permission of course. I almost had my finger cut off from a fellow beast that wasn’t into sharing when we first started chowing together. He’s now one of my closest food buddies. I also like to snack. Sometimes not too healthy either. I try to be quiet at night when I’m having a quick snack late. But…I am always found out…for example…I love real whipped cream. And I love it when it’s made fresh but I’m busy so Rediwhip is on hand. I have this awful habit of just aiming the nozzle two inches from my mouth and letting that baby rip. Yeh…tell me you’ve never tried it. I believe you…not! No fruit with it, nothing else but a loud squirt that can be heard upstairs. And then I hear it…Are you eating whipped cream again? I try not to get caught eating all the cookie dough out of the ice cream but that hasn’t gone well either. Which brings me to my all time favorite…the marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal. Yup. I would like to buy the mallows alone with none of that horrible cereal…I don’t know a single soul who actually eats that stuff. I have finally found online where I can order just those moons, stars, clovers and rainbows! The funnier thing I find is that these days I have to actually hide my snacks. There’s nothing worse than getting excited to have your favorite something and finding an empty box when you reach in…or that it has “magically” disappeared! Yes…I still eat a few things that come in a bag, box or a wrapper.

Back to doing something big before I turned 40 and deciding what that decade might look like. I decided my 40′s were going to be about having a discussion with myself on all topics. This also included being blatantly honest with myself on my body, my age, my love of food and eating and my feelings on most subjects. I made a commitment to myself to be super honest about those things mentioned above, to appreciate compliments when I heard them, to tell all the people I care about what they mean to me constantly just in case I forget in my old age…and to “strive to be a better version of myself everyday.” I am still working on most of these things. I’ve exposed myself in ways that I hope make me “real” to people. Have you ever met someone, they shake your hand and look past you while doing so? That feels absolutely horrible. It has happened to me in both the business world and within some social settings. I have made a conscious decision to be present when I’m meeting and talking with people. I want to engage with a person even if it’s for a moment. I pass people on my run and some folks won’t look at me, but others, they wave and crack a smile. Who knows…maybe my silly wave made their day. Maybe they had a bad start and because I chose to spread a little attention their way, I added something positive to their day…just a little. Life is short and I have decided to be present.

So what will turning 50 look like? No clue but I know that I’m starting to count it down 54 weeks left until 50! And I want to sparkle all the way! I imagine I will have some very funny stories to share and a few sad ones where I realize that I’m not as fast, cool or strong as I use to be but “Que Sera, Sera, Whatever Will Be, Will Be!” I’m a work in progress baby! You with me?

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